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Gleanings of the Harvest

Impacting students and their communities through education and discipleship.
About Us

The mission of Gleanings of the Harvest is to help students break the cycle of poverty and to fulfill the purpose they were created for. This is accomplished through long-term relationships with partners and the USA, Kenya and Malawi.

We see education as the #1 key in breaking the cycle of poverty, we want to see every child have the opportunity to receive a high quality education from pre-school through college.

Our Services

Our approach has been to partner with indigenous friends through long-term relationships and sponsorships with students and mentors.


Additionally, we desire to see each student not just receive education, but also be able to pursue the dreams of what they feel they were created for.


We emphasize not just the A,B,Cs of learning, but also the holistic look at the student and their faith formation. This includes character development  and Christian discipleship, following in the path of love that Jesus taught.

Education & Discipleship

We see education and discipleship as the two best gifts we can provide as students grow into independence and graduate.

After graduation we encourage the students to give back & volunteer at schools we partner with to continue as mentors for the next generation.

School sponsorships for pastors in Malawi

Led by rev. Lenson Mbisa, who is Gleanings’ eyes & ears on the ground, approximately 40 young men and women who feel called to the ministry are sponsored at the Malawi School of Theology to become pastors to their country.

Gleanings originally sponsored Lenson through the school of Theology and he opened our eyes to the need of Malawi, and how many people desire to go into full time ministry but don’t have the resources for the training needed to lead a church.  Gleanings sponsors students for 2-3 years, and then sends them back to their own villages & communities where they now have training and are self-sufficient. When 1 pastor graduates, Lenson’s other leaders identify and interview another student to take their place.

Grant Abundant Life School Partnership

Over the past 10 years, Gleanings of the Harvest has partnered and worked hand-in-hand with another non-profit in the USA with the same vision for education + discipleship in Kenya called Grant Abundant Life.  We just completed a joint 8 year-old pilot program in the slums of Nairobi in a primary school. Over the past 5 years, our organizations have been praying about staring a school in the slums of Nairobi with a joint US/Kenya partnership. We have taken multiple trips together to look at land, and are looking at purchasing property in October 2023.


Although the school will be run and governed by Grant Abundant Life and its Kenyan and American Boards, Gleanings is currently partnering and providing assistance in the acquisition of land and hiring of local professionals to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Individual Sponsorships

In Kenya, we have partnered with multiple ministries and schools over the past 19 years. Through these ongoing connections and relationships formed, we are alerted when there is a student in need of sponsorship is in danger of falling though the cracks.

We have been doing these kinds of partnerships and sponsorships for over 15 years now and have seen many students graduate high school and college.

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Partnership w/ Gleanings of Love Rescue Center

Started by a graduate of Gleanings of the Harvest, Gleanings of Love Rescue Center is an emergency rescue center that temporarily houses children who have been abandoned or where parents have passed away.

It was founded by Pamela & Wilson Ogweno in 2022. Pamela went to school as a student in the heart of the slums in Nairobi and was sponsored by Gleanings of the Harvest in high school, college and received her master’s degree. She is finishing up her PHD now in non-profit sustainability as she helps run the rescue center. Gleanings partners with their ministry in helping with prayer, strategic development and assistance with material needs.


Help a child fulfill their purpose

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